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New online course/community containing all of my training


A Christian Guide to Energy Healing and Holistic Mental Health

This is a video recording of a 2 day seminar I spoke at on Energy healing from a more Christian perspective.  You can find out more about this course HERE.

Living a Whole Hearted Life

Brene Brown's two TED talks on shame and vulnerability are life changing and fit perfectly with the work I do.

 Brene Brown The Power of Vulnerability

 Brene Brown: Listening to Shame


My wife is a huge fan of this Brene Brown book: Daring Greatly



Mo Gawdat:

Lewis Howes Interview with Mo Gawdat •  Listen to an amazing interview with Google Engineer Mo Gawdat on his equation for happiness that took him 10 years to develop. He had to radically put it into practice when his 18 year old son died.

Solve for Happy 1/4 • More great content from Mo Gawdat on the subject of happiness.


Tim Ferris interview Adam Robinson discussion on depression starts at 56:14 • Tim Ferris interview Adam Robinson and they have some amazing insights and discussion about depression. Adam talk about considering suicide for many years and how he is now an incredibly happy person.


Ted Talk on Happiness • Shawn Achor has amazing insight on how to create happiness and the advantages of a happy brain. As a Harvard professor he realized he wasn’t happy and may’be had never been happy.

Happiness Advantage Book • Sometimes it can be just a lack of nutrients for your brain. Try several tablespoons a day of a high quality fish oil that tastes great like this one and add in this supplement to combat aging of the brain:

Upgrading Your Identity

Peace and joy come from knowing that you are valued apart from your performance. Understanding God’s unconditional love for you changes everything.

Here are some resources to help you upgrade this.

Mirror Bible • The Mirror Bible is a paraphrase with a love bias. Helping you to understand you are already enough.

Imagine • Andre Rabe

Understanding God’s Heart for You

In Christ • A great video to fall asleep to at night     

24 hours • 24 hours of teaching on Identity by Bill Vanderbush

This teaching has radically helped many of my clients who are recovering from a legalistic religious background..      

Find out what the bible really teaches about women’s value.

Effective Supplements

BRAIN FUNCTION • A brain supplement developed at Princeton. has done amazing things for my family. My recommendation if you are dealing with focus issues, neurological problems, inability to “turn off” at night and “turn back on” during the day.

FOR STORIES, go here:

TO ORDER, go here:

CELLULAR HEALTH AND ENERGY • Anti-aging supplement developed in collaboration between Princeton doctors and top researchers from Asia. Targets Mitochondrial health and provides excellent mental and physical energy.

TO ORDER, go here

KILL SUGAR CRAVINGS • My favorite way to kill sugar cravings is by using exogenous ketones. Basically gets your body to run on Ketones instead of glucose. You can do a complex ketogenic diet or you can simply drink THIS.

BEATING INFECTIONS •  lately I’ve found a few simply effective products to quickly beat viral and bacterial infection.

The first one is a high quality Oil of Oregano capsules. Using 3 to 8 a day for 3 to 4 days usually does the trick. Sometimes I use a high quality Colloidal Silver in combination. Usually I will do 1 to 3 tablespoons a day for several days.

LIVER DETOX •  Your liver is not only the “seat of your emotions” but an overloaded organ in our toxic world. Prescription drugs and environmental toxins can overload it. I've found great results with this Artichoke Liver Cleanse product. Try 2 to 6 a day for 5 days to 2 weeks.


CANDIDA • Candida Problems can be very frustrating. This Candida Cleanse seems to work great and has great reviews.

GENERAL HEALTH • My personal mentor Dr. Cheryl Townsley is a brilliant woman with amazing resources and insights. Check out her FaceBook page 

Top Podcasts

Tim Ferriss podcast is often one of the top business podcasts in iTunes. Lots of amazing interview on business and health. Check it out HERE or add it on your favorite podcast app or iTunes.

Lewis Howes is one of my favorite. Incredibly positive with amazing interview of inspiring people. Check it out HERE

Dave Asprey is a top one for Biohackers. Find out the cutting edge techniques to improve your physical and mental health. Check it out HERE

Shawn Stevenson Model health show is one of my favorites. Excellent guests and amazing research is explored.     Check it out HERE

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