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My passion is helping people break the unhealthy cycles in their life and find freedom and abundance in their relationships, health & finances. 

Steven Keller - The Emotion Reset Coach

Meet Steven

Steven Keller has almost 20 years experience in helping clients overcome physical and emotional challenges. His Double BA from the University of California at Davis has given him the ability to think critically. Subsequently 2 years of Bible School gave him the ability to effectively apply biblical and spiritual principles to change people’s lives. He has spent many years building large sales organizations and helping people reach their potential in business.

As a result of his business success, he was able to meet and be mentored by many successful people in different fields. In 2007 this wide range of experience was synergistically put together to begin “emotion coaching.”

Currently a certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner, Steve has clients in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore, Chile, Mexico, Canada, and the US. Becuase of his unique approach many clients are themselves holistic practitioners seeking to improve their own skill sets.

Steve is married to his soul mate, Samara and they have 3 beautiful children. In January 2014, Steve and his family made Austin, Texas their new home.



About our services...

Steven Keller's focus as the EMOTION RESET COACH is on improving lives in a simple, effective manner.  Your one on one coaching session with Steven results in the removal of emotional blocks which may have been hindering you from living the abundant life you are longing for. You may have had difficulty identifying and dealing with these blocks on your own, but with Steven's help, they will be easily and quickly dealt with.

Steven’s unique combination of approaches, customized specifically to you and your success, guarantees your sessions will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. 


His methods include very simple techniques that get right to the heart in a simple, graceful manner. There is often no need to talk circles around the problem. Things are dealt with in a very concise and efficient way. Depression and anxiety are relieved and joy returns.

Steven is dedicated to searching out and bringing to you the most effective holistic techniques, and combining them with cutting edge coaching and years of experience.  You were created perfectly, and it’s time to let yourself experience all the freedom and beauty life has to offer. Your breakthrough is right around the corner. Let Steven offer his strength and gifting to you, so you can stand strong in yours.

"Everyone talks about wanting to change things and help and fix, but ultimately all you can do is fix yourself. Because if you can fix yourself, it has a ripple effect."

- Rob Reiner

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and see how he can help you break your damaging emotional cycles.


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